October 28, 2015

Diego Martín Blanco Art Exhibition at Centro Cultural Carril del Conde

Diego Martín Blanco. Painting Exhibition. Centro Cultural Carril del Conde. Madrid

Exhibition from november 2 to november 30, 2015.


Bajo el título “figura, paisaje y ruinas”  el artista Diego Martín Blanco  reúne para esta muestra una serie de lienzos en formato medio y grande cuyo contenido se dirige desde el retrato hasta el paisaje y la naturaleza muerta.


Las obras toman como punto de partida la realidad a través de imágenes del entorno más inmediato, que luego son interpretadas pictóricamente con una constante búsqueda de la síntesis y un ocultamiento parcial de la información. Las pinturas se despojan así de los límites de su realidad, llegando de este modo de la forma al fondo, trabajando más de cerca con las sensaciones que de ellas se puedan desprender, que con su propia narrativa.


Diego Martín Blanco



C/ Carril del Conde, 57. 28043 Madrid. (Spain).

Phone: +34  917 161 240 / +34  917 161 242

Opening hours: From Monday to sunday, 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. / 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

October 14, 2015

Héctor Gázquez & Biennial Contemporary Art Marbella

Héctor Gázquez & Biennial Contemporary Art Marbella

Collective exhibition from October 18 to November 30, 2015.

Opening: Sunday 18, at 20:00h.


Cultural Center for Contemporary Art Kunsthaus-Berlin-Marbella organizes the 1st Biennial Contemporary Art Marbella, where the artist Photographer Héctor Gázquez will participate under the theme "On the limit".


One of the aspects that distinguishes this Bienal is its multidisciplinary facet, with disciplines such as painting, photography, installations, sculpture, film and video, performing arts, speeches among other variants.


Under the theme “Actual Europe: 25 years”, international artists have developed art projects where subjects are poverty, climate change, education, health, violence, social instability, religious extremism and fanaticism, labor, migration, culture, war, journalism.



Poligono de La Nueva Campana local 2 Nueva Andalucia. 29670 Marbella (Spain)

+34 951 319 940

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 19:00 p.m



August 22, 2015

Painting and Sculpture Exhibition “Mazacote de Barro”

Collective exhibition from August 29 to September 9, 2015.

Opening: Saturday 29, at 21:00h.


The exhibition of Painting and Sculpture "Mazacote de Barro" was created by Emilio Garcia Moreda in 1979. Since then, the City Council of Alberite, located in La Rioja (Spain) celebrates this event every year in collaboration with artists from La Rioja. This year, the artist Diego Martín will participate in the 37th Mazacote de Barro with the Artwork entitled "Fugacidad" ("Fugacity").


Manuel Navarro Díaz, 1, 26141. Alberite, La Rioja (Spain).




August 21, 2015

Héctor Gázquez & Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul 2015

Friday 21 August, 2015 – Sunday 23 August, 2015


The purpose of the Asia Hotel Art Fair (AHAF) is to become one of the most influential art fairs in Asia, contributing to the revitalization of the art markets and the stimulation of exchange among the art markets in Asia. In this edition, celebrated in Seoul (South Korea), the photographer Héctor Gázquez will take part with the Spanish Art Gallery Javier Román.



23-1 Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (150-945)


Opening Hours:


Friday 21 August, 2015 / 12PM – 8PM

Saturday 22 August, 2015 / 12PM – 8PM

Sunday 23 August, 2015 / 12PM – 8PM




June 26, 2015

Diego Martín at Eka & Moor Art Gallery

Collective exhibition from July 2 to July 15, 2015.

Opening: Thursday 2, at 20:00h.


The series “Where time breaks down”, of the artist Diego Martín arises from a research of landscape schematization. Spaces where time seems to stop and breaking its continuity.


Through black painting as the only color used in the works becoming a strong element of graphic expression and, together the referent from traditional weft images followed for its realization, seeking even more maximize the decontextualization of these landscapes.


Eka & Moor Art Gallery

C/ Bretón de los Herreros, 56 - 28003 - Madrid (Spain)

Tel. 910 16 19 33  / 656 44 58 81  / 656 64 07 35 


From monday to saturday: 18:00h to 22:00h

Mornings: arrange an appointment



June 8, 2015

Summer Collective Art Exhibition at Clérigos Art Gallery

Exhibition from June 9 to September 8, 2015.

Opening: tuesday 9 June, at 20:00h


From June 9 to September 8 Clérigos Art Gallery located in Lugo (Spain) will exhibit “Summer Collective”, a selection of artworks of several artists of the gallery fund. In this exhibition, the gallery will take the opportunity to introduce new incorporations like the pieces of the artist Santiago Cervera entitled "Green Landscape Abstraction " and "Black color awaits patient".



Galería de Arte Clérigos

C/ Clérigos, 5 bajo. 27001 - Lugo (Spain)

Opening hours:

Tuesday to saturday: de 12:00 a 14:00h
/ 18:00 a 21:00h

July: only afternoons

August: closed



May 20, 2015

Santiago Cervera at Círculo de Arte de Toledo

Opening: Friday 5 June, at 19:30h

Exhibition from June 2, 2015 to June 30, 2015


“There is a narrow fringe that always connects two elements. It is an imaginary line that not only joins the artist with his artwork, but also the viewer with a painting. It is the unbreakable thread that is seen between the beloved and her beloved, or between human being and life.”

Santiago Cervera



Círculo de Arte de Toledo

Plaza de San vicente 2, 45002 - Toledo (Spain)

Opening Hours:

Monday to friday: from 10:30 to 13:30h
/ 16:00 to 21:00h

Weekend: from 16:00 to 21:00 h



March 10, 2015

Affordable Art Fair Milan

Affordable Art Fair. Feria de Arte Contemporáneo. Santiago Cervera. 2015

Thursday 19 March, 2015 - Sunday 22 March, 2015


The Affordable Art Fair in Milan is a contemporary art fair. For the first time the show was performed in London in 1999 and has been established in the meantime also in America, Europe and Asia. The Affordable Art Fair is now an integral part of the art scene and shows paintings, graphics, sculptures and photographs in an inspiring and friendly atmosphere In the major cities of the world. At the fair, visitors have the opportunity to discover and purchase the works of both emerging and already known artists that exhibit their artworks up to a maximum of 6,000 euros. Artworks by the artist Santiago Cervera  will take part on the Fair with the colaboration of Guadalajara´s Art Gallery.



Affordable Art Fair Milan

Superstudio Più

Via Tortona, 27

20144 Milano


Opening hours:

Thursday, 19 from 12:00 to 22:00 h

Friday, 20 from 12:00 to 20:30 h

Saturday, 21 from 11:00 to 20:30 h

Sunday, 22 from 11:00 to 19:30 h



March 10, 2015

Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2015

Héctor Gázquez. Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2015

Friday 13 March, 2015 – Monday 16 March, 2015


The purpose of the Asia Hotel Art Fair is to become one of the most influential art fairs in Asia, contributing to the revitalization of the art markets and the stimulation of exchange among the art markets in Asia. In this edition, the photographer Héctor Gázquez will take part with the Spanish Art Gallery Javier Román.


Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:


Friday 13 March, 2015 / 7F 5PM – 9PM

Saturday 14 March, 2015 / 12PM – 8PM

Sunday 15 March, 2015 / 12PM – 8PM

Monday 16 March, 2015 / 12PM – 8PM



January 23, 2015

Santiago Cervera at Guadalajara´s Art Gallery

Exhibition from January 23 to February 28.


To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Guadalajara´s Art Gallery, great artists come together with promising artists. Consolidated artists like Paco rojas, Carlos Evangelista, the sculptor Juan Cruz, Antonio Jiménez or Antonio Burgos share space with different artists of the Gallery, like the sculptresses Sonia Cardunets and Carmen Otero, the photographer and painter Soledad Pulgar, the sculptor and painter Julio Castillo, the minimalist abstraction of Santiago Cervera, the visual art of Angel Rodríguez Robles and Javier Orozco and photography of Carlos Escudero. All in code and contemporary vocation, diverse and coherent, sober and intense.



Address: Rufino Blanco 26 Street. 19002 Guadalajara (Spain).

Monday to friday: from 5:00 pm to 08:30 pm.

Saturday: from 11:00 am to 01:30 pm.


November 26, 2014

Masu Cirujano at Efimere Art Gallery

A sample of the work of the artist Masu Cirujano will be exhibited at the Art Gallery Efímere in Córdoba. The exhibition collects works of several artists in the first Art Market called Supermercart, organized by the gallery.

The works will be exhibited from November 27 to December 5.


Address: Avenida Gran Capitán 26, 1st Floor. Córdoba.

Opening hours: 10:30h to 20:30h every day.

October 8, 2014

Arturo Doñate at the Contemporary Art Fair ESTAMPA

Arturo Doñate Artist. ESTAMPA Contemporary Art Fair

The Artwork of the artist Arturo Doñate will be present at the Contemporary Art Fair ESTAMPA, with the collaboration of Nacho Tomás Gil, director and founder of the company Naranjas con Arte.


The fair will take place in Madrid between 9 and 12 October.




July 19, 2014

Video of the Collective Painting Exhibition "Con C de Calor"

Through the following video, you can enjoy a piece of the collective exhibition "Con C de Calor” , which is exhibited in Angel Cantero Gallery (León, spain), and which includes Artworks by Diego Benéitez, Santiago Cervera, José Manuel Chamorro, Boris Correa, Julia Gallego Valdés, Karlos Widow ...




July 7, 2014

Collective Painting Exhibition "Con C de Calor"

Santi Cervera. Santiago Cervera. Artist. Artwork. Abstract Painting. Contemporary Artworks. Painting Exhibition. Gallery

Collective Painting Exhibition “Con C de Calor”

From July 4th to July 31th, 2014

C/ Juan Madrazo, 25 – León (Spain)




May 5, 2014

A renovated house with charisma

Santi Cervera. Santiago Cervera. Artist. Artwork. Abstract Painting. Contemporary Artworks. Decoration

Antiques, vintage pieces and collections gathered over time have shaped the reform of the Cadiz home. The paintings are signed by artist Santiago Cervera.




January 16, 2014

Santiago Cervera's New Exhibition in Cordoba

Santi Cervera. Santiago Cervera. Artist. Artwork. Abstract Painting. Contemporary Artworks. Painting

Next Friday, February 7 the cultural center Aires de Cordoba located in the city of Cordoba (Spain) will exibit 'Hans', the new work of art of the Andalusian painter Santiago Cervera.


Under the title 'Hans', inspired from the protagonist of the novel 'Under the Wheel', the new ten pieces of the artist will be exposed until February 25 in the city of Cordoba.


Address: Aires de Cordoba, Arguiñan Street, 2-2c, 14002 Cordoba, Spain.

October 30, 2013

Santiago Cervera, a different artist

Santi Cervera. Santiago Cervera. Artist. Artwork. Abstract Painting. Contemporary Artworks. Painting Exhibition

Santiago Cervera a different artist” is the title of the article written by the newspaper Europasur, in which is said that the artist is not a common one, "(…) not only because of his method of approaching the art but for the conception he has about art in comparison with other artists."


The blue horizons, colors and spots in Santiago Cervera’s paintings insinuate an inner landscape, like a language that shows his internal and metaphysical projection. The artist once said: "for me, creating art is the driving force that makes me feel free." And we really think that his work is a hymn to individual freedom which is so necessary nowadays (…).


Although we can see some similarities with the New York School or with our Team- we must not forget about the three great masters of Spanish painting, Velázquez, Goya and Picasso, who are the result of the pictorial trends that preceded them- in the works of Santiago Cervera, there is also a proper stamp, a desire to communicate his creative instinct and be able to make the viewers melt in the encounter with his paintings. The artist Piet Mondrian perfectly expressed it “art is made for no one, and at the same time, for everyone."



 May 25, 2012

Santiago Cervera’s exhibition at the Culture House of Algeciras (Cadiz, Spain)

Santi Cervera. Santiago Cervera. Artist. Artwork. Abstract Painting. Contemporary Artworks. Painting Exhibition

Yesterday, the artist from Algeciras Santiago Cervera, opened an individual exhibition in the Culture House of Algeciras which will run until June 14. The city councilor of culture, Pilar Pintor, attended the opening and appreciated the artist’s work of art.


With a total of 13 works, the exhibition named "Generations" shows the abstract view of the artist, which aims to provoke emotions. In words of Santiago Cervera: "painting does not always show something, but it can show an emotion."


January 28, 2011

Exhibition “Onomastic” of the artist Santiago Cervera

January 27, 2011

Opening of the exhibition “Onomastic” of the artist Santiago Cervera

Santi Cervera. Santiago Cervera. Artist. Artwork. Abstract Painting. Contemporary Artworks. Painting Exhibition

The Gallery Manuel Alés, located in the city of La Linea, in Cadiz (Spain), opens tomorrow and until February 26, the exhibition of Santiago Cervera’s paintings called “Onomastic”.


The city councilman, Alfonso Escuadra, visited the exhibition and defined it as "suggestive, based on abstraction and with a very attractive format." He also added that the works will not disappoint the public in general and highlighted the great personality of the artist.


The person in charge of the gallery, Macarena Alés, stressed the importance of Santiago Cervera’s work, as same as his large format works and stated that it is an exhibition that stands out for both, the form and the aim.


October 10, 2009

Santiago Cervera: "Noves Presències"

From October 10 to November 8 the exhibition "Noves Presències" of the painter Santiago Cervera will be exhibited at Bennàssar Gallery in Majorca (The Balearic Islands, Spain).

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